The simplest way to collect your customers' contact info. All done through a secure, high-converting website.

Insane conversion rate

An average of


Sometimes as much as


That means if you contact 100,000 customers, you will receive between 12,000 and 80,000 responses. All for one inclusive rate.

No that's not a typo.

That's right! We've figured out a system that will consistently deliver high-quality customer data at a fraction of the cost-per-lead because our conversion rate is sky-high compared to pretty much every other program in existence.

Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn more about YOU can get results like this with your next campaign with Prizehub.

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  1. We create a custom scratch or peel to win card and landing page based off your website and brand colors.
  2. You distribute the cards amongst your prospective customers (or even current customers if you’re looking to obtain more of their information).
  3. They scratch or peel to reveal a website URL and a unique code that must be entered online with additional information.
  4. Once submitted, the prize is revealed to your customer (one of the prizes could also be Please Try Again), and your customer’s information is securely stored on our cloud server so you never have to worry about a data breach, leak, or hack.
  5. You can then download all of the submitted customer data as a CSV via a Reporting tool at your leisure, OR have reports sent to you weekly.
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WHAT does your customer see?

  1. Your customer receives the code for your campaign (whether it’s a physical card, or via an online giveaway)
  2. Your customer goes to the custom-made landing page for your campaign.
  3. They enter their information and see what Prize they’ve won, confirming the information they entered was correct.
  4. Finally they are taken to a Thank You page with an optional Call-to-Action (CTA) that can link back to your site to help further conversions and engagement with your brand.

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The customer experience is what matters the most. That's why we take pride in making sure our products are built with only the highest of quality, including:

  • Mobile-first design, and works on all platforms
  • Lightning-fast so the customer doesn't leave early
  • A technology stack that allows scale without hiccups
  • A/B Tested conversion funnel at every step of the way
  • Hand-coded to precision to ensure pixel-perfect brand consistency

We put the customer experience ahead of everything to ensure you get the highest conversions on your campaigns. We know you want to get the most bang for your buck, which is why we've invested in top talent to ensure this is the case.

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Make it YOUR campaign.

Customize your campaign's pages to match whatver your brand identity and style is. We have figured out a formula that converts EXTREMELY highly. And we've done so in a way that allows your brand to stay consistent from page to page. See some of the past exaxmples we've done below:


When in doubt, stick with what works. There's nothing wrong with a simple color palette and straightforward design. Let the high conversion rates speak for themselves.


Not all campaigns are created equal, but when done right your customers will love the unique aspect to your brand and identity. Convert higher with creative campaigns.


Your customers will love you and your whimsical style. Keep them engaged by bringing a mix of colors and patterns to your campaign.


Show off to your customers with the power of a strong brand identity. Pull them in with bold colors and sharp contrast.

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Reporting Made EASY

With our streamlined technology, you'll be able to download any reports for any customer entry whenever you want. Simply click a date range, then download the CSV for easy importing and analysis.

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Yes! We double-check and cross-check our database upon generation to ensure that there are ZERO duplicates.

We also do other stuff like: make sure there are no offensive or derogatory words in a code. We don’t want you (or us) looking bad, so we take care of that too.

And in case you add codes after a campaign has already started, we still do the same checks to ensure that the codes are all 100% unique.

Simply put: No.

We have checks in place upon submission to ensure that a code can only be claimed within the bounds of the campaign range.

This is good for you, because that way YOUR risk as a manager is limited. That way you know once the promotion date has ended (eg: the coupon “has expired”), there is no possible way for a new customer to come along and try to claim and unclaimed prize.

The customer will simply get a brief message letting them know that the promotion is not currently running, and your contact information will be presented to them so they can contact you directly for more questions.

Simply put: No.

We have checks in place upon submission to ensure that once a code has been claimed, it is immediately marked as claimed in our database. So even if a customer tried to claim the same code immediately after, it would send back an error message to the customer letting them know it has already been claimed.

This error message can also be customized in case of customer inconvenience, and you can list your contact information there if you would like.

Yes! It does.

Our Offline to Online program was created with a mobile-first design, which means it was created with the intent of being used on mobile by the majority of the end users.

It also scales beautifully onto Tablets, as well as Desktop. So no matter where your customers are coming from, they’re going to have an optimized experience.

Our campaigns can handle many fields, however our Base Package only includes up to 5 fields.

If you would like more than 5 fields, you may discuss that with our team member upon setup.

The web page will never expire and will always be up.

The CAMPAIGN dates however, is what determines whether or not a customer can claim a code.

The Start Date and End Date on a campaign are determined by you, and is the only time a customer can claim a code.

If a customer attempted to claim a code outside the campaign range, they will receive a message indicating it is not currently running.

We leave the website up forever in case you ever wanted to restart the program after some time, that way your URL remains the same.

Either or, it’s up to you.

We have a graphics team on staff ready to work with your brand and design.

We also allow artwork to be submitted by you and your team, if you’d prefer that.

There is no extra charge for having it done with us.

Yes! You can.

The Thank You page allows for a Call-to-Action (CTA, or sometimes called Hotspot or Hyperlink).

This can link to anywhere, including you own webpage.

Yes! You can.

For example, if you wanted to send your customers to instead of, you can do that.

There is no extra charge for this service.

Yes! You can.

You can add as many codes as you want after the initial generation.

It’s a charge of $100 per 10,000 codes added.

But you CANNOT add more prizes after the codes have gone out. You can only add more codes to the prizes that already exist.

Nope. You can purchase this program by itself.

However, instead of getting a batch of physical cards with the codes printed on them, you will just receive them as a separate file.

It would be up to you on how you disperse the codes to your customer.

Some examples you might utilize this method may include: Online giveaway, customer loyalty reward, new customer signup bonus, Facebook or Twitter campaign, etc.

Until 30 days AFTER the campaign end date.

For example, if you create the campaign in mid December, with a Start Date of January 1st, and an End Date of February 28th, you will have reporting access from mid December, all the way through March 30th.

Don’t worry though! If you don’t get all the customer data, we keep everything securely on our cloud server. Which means if a significant period of time has passed, we can still get your customer data and send it to you.

No one will be able to see your customers’ information besides you (and anyone you authorize to view it).

You CAN have multiple users with reporting access, but the entirety of our data is securely stored on a server that is locked away and encrypted.

It can be accessed by you, and only you. Which means you don’t have to worry about a data breach, hack, or leak and having thousands (or more) of your customers’ personal information being exposed.

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We keep it simple:


for the campaign, which includes:

  • A fully resopnsive, mobile-first website optimized for conversions
  • A landing page matching your brand/style
  • Up to 5 customer data fields (name, email, etc)
  • As many prizes and prize pages as you want
  • A thank you page WITH a link back to your website
  • 10,000 unique codes to deliver to your customers
  • Test codes for each prize, so you can make sure everything looks good before (or during) the campaign
  • Guaranteed unique codes that can only be claimed once, no matter how many codes are created
  • The ability to add more codes during a campaign
  • Automatic campaign Start / End dates
  • 24/7 reporting access
  • Custom error messaging to direct your customers to your phone # or website
  • Priority Email support for any technical issues
  • Web admin support to guarantee uptime and reliability
  • And much more...!
+$100 for every 10,000 codes (beyond the initial 10k)

Get in touch

Dynamic Campaigns always start with you, our client, in mind. So the only thing we need is your name, email, and a brief description of what you're looking for / how many codes you'd like to use.

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